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About this wiki


The purpose of the UZZ32.INFO wiki and website is to:

  • capture information about the UZZ32 Toyota Soarer,
  • make this information available to interested parties (eg enthusiasts and owners) and
  • allow editing by the community so that the information remains up-to-date and relevant.

The expectation is that all content will be related to the UZZ32 Soarer. Information about eg the UZZ31 Soarer should only be included if it is demonstrably relevant to the UZZ32.

This site uses Mediawiki software

This software, which allows anyone to contribute or update content, is easy to use and familiar to many through Wikipedia.

Why is a separate site, rather than just having the content in Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has strict rules on content, including:

  • Verifiability means that articles should only contain material that has been published by reliable sources. All content should ideally be supported by a reliable source, but content that is controversial or likely to be challenged will definitely require them! Unsourced material may be removed at any time and it is the obligation for the editor adding material to provide a reliable source.
  • No original research means that articles may not contain previously unpublished arguments, concepts, data, opinions, or theories. This includes any new analysis or synthesis of these facts. Basically, Wikipedia is a record of human knowledge, viewpoints and summaries that already exist and are expressed elsewhere.

Since the above suggests that much of the content may not be acceptable to Wikipedia, a separate site is used.

It is however possible that this will change over time, and the existence of this site may contribute to making the content "referencable" and hence worthy of inclusion on Wikipedia in future.