UZZ32 Paint Colour and Trim codes

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The following paint and trim colour codes were used on Soarers, including UZZ32 Soarers, for the applicable model years. There are also other Soarer colour codes which were available in subsequent years, but not applicable to UZZ32 as they were no longer made.

Colour codes (Paint Colours)

Toyota Colour Codes used for 1991-1996 Toyota UZZ32 Soarers
Colour Code Colour name US / Lexus colour name Colour sample Colour photo Years available
051 Super Pearl White 1991 to 1996
1A0 Bluish Silver Metallic Platinum 1994
176 Super Silver III metallic 1991 to 1993
202 Black 1992 to 1996
3K3 Red mica tbc!
3L2 Super Red IV 1994 to 1996
3L4 Wine Red Mica 1995 to 1996
4K9 Beige Metallic (Gold) 1991 to 1996
6M2 Dark Green Metallic Emerald Green 1991 to 1995
6M3 Teal 1991 to 1993
6N1 Medium Greyish Green Mica Graphite 1994
6P2 Dark Green Mica Metallic 1996
8J5 Dark Blue Mica 1991 to 1992
8L5 Blue Mica Metallic 1996

Trim (interior) Colours

Toyota interior trim colour codes used for 1991-1996 Toyota UZZ32 Soarers
Trim Code Trim Name Colour Theme Seat colour Steering wheel colour Sample photo Years available
FA10 Gray Gray leather
LA05 Brown "Dark Tan" Tan leather 1991
LC20 Black "Black" Black leather Black leather 1994
LA60 Spruce "Greenish Gray" Spruce leather 1991
LC61 Spruce "Greenish Gray" Spruce leather 1994


  • How do the trim codes work?
  • Did the use of the codes change year-on-year?
  • Why are some "spruce" cars coded LC61, while others are LA60?