Hydraulic suspension fluid

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Toyota suspension fluid

The suspension fluid contains Petroleum Distillates (hydrotreated middle distillates and solvent-refined light paraffinic) as well as a small percentage of Tricresylphosphate. The fluid has a viscosity of 10.2 cSt at 40°C (2.83 cSt at 100°C) and a flashpoint of 164°C.

Suspension Fluid

The suspension fluid part number is 08886-01805 and it comes in 2.5L metal containers.


The suspension fluid is considered hazardous. Please refer to the attached Safety Data Sheet. It can also be under considerable pressure and temperature.

Safety Data Sheet

Changing the hydraulic fluid

To change the hydraulic fluid, drain out the old fluid, fill with fresh fluid, and bleed the system.

Draining out the old suspension fluid

The suspension oil reservoir (and the associated drain plug) is located on the right-hand side of the vehicle, just in front of the front right wheel. The drain plug can be reached without removing the under-body-cover, but removing the cover may be easier and less messy.

Drain the old fluid and dispose of it responsibly in line with local laws and processes.

Re-fill with new suspension fluid

Suspension fluid filler and (at lower left corner) dipstick

Toyota fluid. Colour. Quantity. Filler cap location. Plug (to remove likelihood of air being trapped in the system?)

Bleed the suspension lines to each strut

This ensures that the dirty fluid in, eg, the pump, the valve body and the hydraulic lines is also refreshed. It does however not directly refresh any fluid that is already in each of the suspension struts and accumulators.

To properly and refresh the "final" fluid requires, eg, physical removal and emptying of the struts and accumulators. Alternatively,