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There are numerous ECUs on the UZZ32s. Toyota calls most “computers”, some “sensors” and one a “integration relay”. These components are typically housed in plastic or metal cases located throughout the vehicle. Some are also “hidden” and integrated with larger components such as eg the dash, EMV etc.

In alphabetical order
Group Function Toyota’s name Part Number Location
Engine Engine & Transmission Control Computer, Engine Control 89661-24400
Engine Fuel pump controller Computer Assembly, Fuel Pump Control 89570-24010
Traction & Braking Traction Control Computer, Traction Control 89631-30080
Dash Computer, Combination Meter 83291-24421
Traction & Braking Anti-locking brakes Computer Assembly, Skid Control 89540-30010
Suspension Suspension Controller Computer Assembly, hydropneumatic suspension 89190-24030
Steering (4WS) Computer, Steering Control 89181-24020
Computer Assembly, Cruise Control 88240-24160
EMV & Audio Computer, Audio Interface 86114
EMV & Audio Computer, Multi-Display (Computer CRT Display) 86112
Seats Seat position computer (driver side) Computer Assembly, Position Control 89710_24010
Seats Seat position computer (passenger side) Computer Assembly, Position Control 89710-24040
Mirrors Computer Assembly, Mirror Vibration Control 89140-24020
Mirrors Computer Assembly, Outer Mirror Control 89430-24010
Transmission Gear Lock Computer, Shift Lock Control 85933-24040
Steering Steering Wheel (Tilt & Telescopic) Computer Assembly, Tilt Steering 89230-24050
Locking Remote Locking controller Receiver, door control 89741-24040
Engine Engine Fan Controller Computer, Cooling Fan 89257-24010
Lights Lamp Failure Indicator Sensor, Lamp Failure Indicator 89373-24110
Airbag SRS Controller Sensor Assembly, Airbag 89170-24010
Power steering (force control) Computer Assembly, Power Steering 89650
Air Conditioning controller Amplifier Assembly, Cooler Stabiliser 88650
Gyroscope Sensor, Yawrate 89183-24010
G sensor Sensor, Acceleration (rear left) 89191-24011
G sensor Sensor, Acceleration (front) 89191-24021
G sensor Sensor, Acceleration (centre) 89191-24030
G sensor Sensor, Acceleration (rear right) 89191-24040
Reversing Camera Controller Controller, Television Camera 86792-24010
Integration Relay Relay, Integration No 1 82641-24040