Soarer Dash Warning Messages

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The dash on the UZZ32 (as well as on the UZZ31) displays information through warning lights as well as a scrollable LCD.

Some of the LCD messages are in English (eg "CHARGE") while many are in Japanese Katakana (and not, as some say, Klingon).

Soarer dash warning messages - translated to English

for 1991-1996 Toyota Soarers, including UZZ32
Japanese English
Warning - Brake System.jpg Warning - Brake System
Warning - Brake Fluid Level.jpg Warning - Brake Fluid Level
Warning - Oil Pressure.jpg Warning - Oil Pressure
Warning - Alternator not charging battery.jpg Warning - Alternator not charging battery
Warning - Engine Overheating.jpg Warning - Engine Overheating
Warning - Handbrake On.jpg Warning - Handbrake On
Warning - Door Open.jpg Warning - Door Open
Warning - Engine Electrical System.jpg Warning - Engine Electrical System
Warning - ABS System.jpg Warning - ABS System
Warning - 4 Wheel Steering.jpg Warning - 4 Wheel Steering
Warning - Active Suspension.jpg Warning - Active Suspension
Warning - TEMS Suspension.jpg Warning - TEMS Suspension
Warning - Traction Control.jpg Warning - Traction Control
Warning - Transmission.jpg Warning - Transmission
Warning - Cruise Control (Auto Drive).jpg Warning - Cruise Control (Auto Drive)
Warning - Rear Light.jpg Warning - Rear Light
Warning - Engine Oil Level.jpg Warning - Engine Oil Level
Warning - Radiator Coolant Level.jpg Warning - Radiator Coolant Level
Warning - Active Suspension Off.jpg Warning - Active Suspension Off
Warning - TEMS Suspension Off.jpg Warning - TEMS Suspension Off
Warning - Fuel Below 5L.jpg Warning - Fuel Below 5L
LCD Message - Diagnostic Mode.jpg Diagnostic Mode
Warning - Catalytic Converter.jpg Warning - Catalytic Converter
Warning - Handbrake On2.jpg Warning - Handbrake On
Warning - Fuel Below 10L.jpg Warning - Fuel Below 10L
Warning - Door Open2.jpg Warning - Door Open
Warning - Seatbelt.jpg Warning - Seatbelt
Warning - Power.jpg Warning - Power

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