Stereo Upgrade

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specifications of the factory-installed Premium Sound System

The UZZ32 factory-installed audio system is of high quality and offers the following features:

  • front speakers
  • rear speakers
  • subwoofer
  • cassette player
  • am/fm radio (Japanese frequency range) with dual in-glass antenna
  • 12-CD stacker
  • tv-tuner (Japanese spec) with Quad in-glass antenna and diversity circuitry
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • EMV touch screen is used for software-based control of many functions
  • hard" controls available for key functions such as On/off/volume, Source selection, Tune/track selection
  • AUX input, though not standard, could be added as an option
  • "Balanced audio" for cleaner sound


  • Tuner requires external frequency shifter (or complex modifications) to work in eg Australia
  • DSP (and tuner?) are failing with age
  • CD players are failing with age
  • no AUX input unless added by factory/dealer/third party
  • no Bluetooth
  • no DAB
  • no audio controls on steering wheel


Replace cassette player with after-market headunit

Replace EMV with after-market dual DIN unit

Add AUX input and connect eg an ipod

Add DVD player through AUX input

Add after-market headunit through AUX input

Install a car-PC, either as a replacement for EMV or using the EMV's TV-input as a display

modifications to operate other devices through touch-screen



  • retention of all existing functionality
  • no permanent modifications to vehicle
  • hands free telephone integration via bluetooth
  • USB input for eg ipod
  • DAB for better quality radio and/or additional station availability
  • Line-level output RCA connectors for connection to external amplifier
  • Support for wired remote control (so that the unit might be mounted out of sight)
  • AUX input using standard 3.5 mm jack (optional)
  • Support for wireless remote control (optional but easiest way to achieve steering-wheel mounted controls)
  • option for displaying


  • Pioneer DEH-X8500DAB
  • located in trunk (above fuel rank) or under passenger seat?
  • connected to stock system through "AUX input"
  • AUX input crested by disconnecting the TV tuner and creating a suitable wiring harness
  • faceplate (with display and controls) located in convenient location
  • infrared remote control for "version 1" steering wheel audio controls
  • custom-designed steering wheel audio controls, installed using the factory fitted mounting points for the telephone control