Suspension Accumulators

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The UZZ32 suspension contains a total of 7 nitrogen-filled accumulators:

  • the four accumulators located at the bottom of each suspension strut act as "Gas Springs" in lieu of conventional springs
  • additional accumulators on the Suspension Pump and Valve Body serve to provide a store of energy and to even out undesired fluctuations

The nitrogen is under high pressure and tends to leak out over time, rendering the suspension harsh. Replacement accumulators are no longer available from Toyota, but the existing accumulators can be re-gassed if required after minor modification.

Accumulator Re-gassing

To re-fill the Nitrogen in the suspension accumulators;

  1. Remove the accumulator
  2. Install valve
  3. Fill with Nitrogen

Removing the accumulator

To remove the accumulator:

  1. Remove the wheel
  2. Clean the suspension components and surrounding area so that a) you can see what you're doing, and b) the dirt does not get into the threads of eg the nuts & bolts
  3. Apply suitable lubricant / (eg Penetrene) and let sit for a while to help release the bolts.
  4. Release the hose clamps around the rubber boots that protect(ed) the suspension piston.
  5. Unscrew the "cover" that joins the top of the accumulator to the rest of the suspension strut. This will likely need a pipe wrench (diameter of the cover is approx. 75 mmm)
    Pipe wrench needed to unscrew this
  6. Unscrew the suspension piston. For the Front, this will require a 36mm spanner. Note that the spanner can be no more than 8mm thick
    The flat part of the piston is 36mm across
    The spanner must be <8mm thick to fit
    . For the Rear, the piston is thinner, so a 31mm (tbc) spanner will be required.
  7. Unscrew the speed sensor / wiring which is attached to the (upper) control arm.
  8. Unscrew the 19mm nut that holds the accumulator to the lower A-arm
    19mm nut holds the accumulator
  9. Unscrew the 19mm nut that hold the upper A-arm in place and remove the bolt. As this bolt is quite long, you will also need to remove the front side wheel well /engine under cover.
    Remove bolt from upper A-arm
    The bolt head is also 19mm (so you may need two sockets...)

Optionally, re-build the suspension struts and/or check & replace the suspension bushes while "in the area".