UZZ32 Suspension

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Full-Fledged Active Control Suspension

  • A hydro-pneumatic active-control suspension without coil springs has been introduced: a first for a mass-produced car.
  • This system reduces posture changes, such as car body vibration and roll, caused by driving conditions and uneven road surfaces. The system also provides a high degree of handling, stability, and comfort.

Source: Toyota press release

Suspension Features


Independent suspension on all four wheels


Oil ('special' Toyota fluid) with Nitrogen


Suspension Computer


Once the oil pressure is released the floating piston rises to the top of the bottom accumulator. It is now ready for recharging. The fronts have to be recharged to 1750 kpa (254 psi) and the rears to 1500 kpa (218 psi) - common pressures for a car. Source:

However: the gas pressure will increase considerably when the suspension strut is compressed. Thus, any refill valve being added will need to be rated for pressures well above these.

Taplin recommends using less pressure (220 and 180) to keep the piston centred and more suitable for (bad) Australian roads.


Height Settings

The UZZ32 suspension offers two height settings , Normal and High.



Test Mode

Other uses for test mode


The suspension test mode can be used as a quick way to raise the vehicle and provide access for eg, oil change, ATF fluid change

Suspension Problems




Rebuild options

Re-gas the accumulators

Suspension Pump rebuild

New valves in existing fill ports

M5x0.8 screw. Allen key head. Re-gas with needle.

Possible suppliers include (?):

New valves (larger) in new location

New valves AND internal seals

Suppliers include Peter Taplin

strut removal


shock absorber handbook